I’m a
Graphic Designer, Software Engineer, Web Developer, Problem Solver, Data Scientist, Illustrator, Musician
Seattle. I create websites, tell stories, build relationships, and discover solutions.





About Me
My experience encompasses a wide range between art and science. From research in cancer and immunology labs to web design at creative agencies, I seek to understand and find solutions to complex problems.

Web & UI

From design to hard-coding, sketches to user-interface testing — I create and maintain websites and mobile solutions, looking for cutting-edge mediums to tell stories and provoke interest.

Software Development

Mathematics and full stack programming has deepened my ability to craft software that makes a difference, such as an augmented reality app to help the visually-disabled.

Graphic Design

Design is the culmination of my creative potential and software expertise. Visual Identity is a vital component to reaching audiences. I strategize, research, concept, sketch, design, and help brands craft their story to connect with their audience.


Drawing, sketching, prototyping, and modeling bring to life ideas in ways other design can’t. I love to use my hands to discover new ways of telling stories.


From mountain tops to professional studios, I have been capturing the world through the eyes of lenses. I aim to change perspectives, manipulate light, and inspire awe.


Years of managing biochemistry labs has honed my ability to mine data and master Excel, Matlab, and a host of other data analysis software and languages.