So much to learn,

so little time

Academic settings feel like home to me, with a sense of wonder in learning something new. Math has always been my best subject, although my passion is for design and artistic creation— so I’ve tried to find ways to fold these together. Through classwork, research, professional experience, and volunteer opportunities, I aim to build, create, and tell stories.

Josiah Zacharias

Software Developer and Graphic Designer



2021 - Present


UX Engineer

 Working in SharePoint and OneDrive to craft elegant user experiences throughout the suite of Microsoft services. Implementing A/B and automated tests to test UI change impacts alongside UX designers. Developing in Typescript, JavaScript, and React.js 

2015 - 2021

Electric Pen

Designer, Web Developer and UX/UI Researcher

Starting in a graphic design and branding role, my duties have evolved to incorporate web development, including user research on a $100k site for a local Big Five tech company. We designed a proprietary CMS incorporating React.js, SASS and worked to incorporate AWS services, developing a site gateway API.

2013 - 2015

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Research Assistant, Statistician, and Lab Manager

Expanded a high-functioning research environment and coordinated the creation of a $30k cell culture laboratory in three months. Also devised a novel 3D skin model to study cancer. Other duties included training PhD candidates, budgeting and fast-paced project management.

2012 - 2013

Loyola University Medical Center

Epigenetics Research Assistant & Statistician

Volunteer & Leadership

2019 - Present

Volunteer research/developer/designer on the EYE Team to provide immersive AR experiences for vision-disabled youth in the Native American community, working under Dr. Bill Erdly

2016 - Present

Photographer and woodworking volunteer at the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle

2014 - 2015

Docent and assistant animal caretaker at the Nashville Zoo

2013 - 2014

Science and math tutor for at-risk youth at the Oasis Center in Nashville


2019 - Present

University of Washington

Master of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering

Study with emphasis in computer vision, cybersecurity, cloud-based services, and machine learning. 

Graduate Certificate in Software Design & Development (GPA 3.94)

Graduated in June 2020, accepted and transitioning into the UW Master of Computer Science and Software Engineering program thereafter. Relevant coursework — Data Structures and Object-Oriented Programming I and II, Systems Programming, Software Development Processes, Software Modeling Techniques, Software Testing and Quality

2016 - 2018

School of Visual Concepts

Various classes including Typography, Graphic Design, UX/UI, Web Design, and Screen printing

Self-motivated interest to pursue design courses and understand the human psychology of layout and color

2016 - 2018

Trinity International University

Bachelor of Arts (GPA 4.0)

Double majored chemistry and biology in Honors program; summa cum laude


Languages & Software

Typescript, React.js, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Node.js, and MySQL. Knowledge of WebGL, MATLAB, Windows, Unix/Linux, and OS X. 

UX/UI & Design

Firm grasp on methodologies to wireframe, design, and illustrate stories to communicate effectively.
Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (esp. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects)

Processes & Tools

Agile, Scrum Kanban, XP, AWS, and Git. 

The fun stuff

to round me out

If you thought my professional skills seem unpredictable, let’s talk hobbies. Passions, skills, vocations… at some point passions coalesce to produce new sparks of new ideas. 


I love to capture the world and show others. Lenses offer new perspectives and require focus to compose a scene. I experiment with moving photos, long exposure, and drone photography. I converge these skills in my overall pursuit of good design and desire to tell stories.

Travel & Exploration

Being born in a different country than where I grew up set the foundation for my life— to travel and experience all the world has to offer. Across four continents (so far) I’ve explored architecture, sought unfamiliar cuisine, rock-climbed into caves, and enriched myself with new culture.


From living rooms to auditoriums, playing and performing music has been a part of me my entire life. Piano, percussion, and guitar are my focuses, but I aim to learn as many instruments as I can. Crossover from music to design and even computer science has fascinated me, as similarities appear in ways you wouldn’t expect.


Books are invaluable to me. I soak up classic fiction (Alexandre Dumas and Jules Verne being a couple of my favorites) and love falling into novels that whisk me away to a far off universe. I aim to enrich my mind with wisdom from the collective experience of humanity, studying philosophy, ecology, and psychology.